Are you an expat living in the Netherlands, and looking for help with your home decoration? Woonmode offers you a complete collection in all products for your home decoration, great service and competitive prices.

With more than 25 years of experience, Woonmode can help you with your total home decoration: floor covering, window covering, wallcovering etc. In every price range. Woonmode is a official dealer of all the big brands and manufacturers.

In 25 years Woonmode has helped more than 1000 expats working at Shell, European Patent building, and more large international companies in the Netherlands.

At our Woonmode Megastore in Rijswijk, you'll find a large choice in:

Carpet Window covering Boxspring
Floor covering Blinds Matrasses
Laminate Curtains Duvets
Wood flooring Inbetweens Rugs
Carpet tiles Wallcovering Home accessories

For the decoration of your home, our specialized people working at the Woonmode Megastore, are there for you with good advice. We know everything about our products, and of course, we can give you advice which colours to use at your home/ appartement.

We also take the measurements of your home/ appartement, and of course do the complete installation. It's also possible to give you advice at your home/ appartement.

Special Expat offer
Due our special expat service, Woonmode has a special offer for expats, which will give you extra free service and save you money due our expat discount.

Renting from Vesteda?
Are you renting an appartement from Vesteda, for example at La Fenetre the Hague or Nieuw Park Leeuwensteijn Voorburg? Please let us know, and you'll receive an extra discount.

More information
Would you like to make an appointment for visiting our Woonmode Megastore in Rijswijk? You can give u a phonecall at +31 70 3960610 or send us an email